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22894RE: [NTB] Re: Copy and Paste Problems with NoteTab Pro 7.01/fv

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  • Pam Erickson
    Oct 1, 2012
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      Great job figuring it out! Thanks for letting us know what caused it too. Now we'll know what to suggest if friends/family have a
      similar issue.

      Pam Erickson

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      Subject: [NTB] Re: Copy and Paste Problems with NoteTab Pro 7.01/fv

      Hey everyone,

      I wanted to let you know that this problem appears to be SOLVED!

      I've been keeping an eye on my Task Manager today, focusing on CPU usage, and I noticed a program popping up repeatedly. (I can
      thank this thread for that -- the various pointers to more complicated process viewers/managers got me as least monitoring Task
      Manager -- so thanks for that). When I tracked it down, it turned out to be the WebRoot SecureAnywhere software, which was installed
      on my laptop before I got it (I bought it from a big box store with the software all pre-loaded). I didn't even know it was on the
      machine and in fact had since loaded my own security software.

      Anyway, some Googling revealed that there's a list of "Protected Applications." And when I tracked down that sub-menu, sure enough,
      there was listed NTP, EditPad, and even the directory I created to hold them -- all marked as "Deny". Once I switched them to
      "Allow" my paste is again working. Why the ONLY thing it was denying was pasting is beyond me.

      What a HUGE waste of time -- and I apologize to everyone who spent time on this as well. If I had known the software was on my
      machine, I would've looked there FIRST (and DID check my OWN virus/security software way back).

      Anyway, THANK YOU everyone for your help. And I figured I'd post up in case others ever have a similar problem.

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