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22849RE: [NTB] Copy and Paste Problems with NoteTab Pro 7.01/fv

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  • Pam Erickson
    Sep 26, 2012
      Also, when I had a similar issue, logging out and back in (not rebooting) resolved the problem. (That's quicker than rebooting.) I haven't had the problem in a while though since I defragmented my hard drive and ran the error-checking on the drive which it found errors (bad clusters) and fixed them. I'm using Vista 32-bit and NoteTab is installed to its default location with using its files from the User>AppData subfolder. I have the UAC fully enabled as well.

      Pam Erickson

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      It seems odd to me that it would be caused by the UAC when it works after a reboot. But who knows?! The UAC doesn't just work intermittently. It's either On and working or it's Off. :) Since flushing seems to help, that leads me to believe it's something with your hard drive or memory or a combination of the two with needing to defrag the hard drive or check for errors.

      Hopefully whatever causes the problem is figured out and fixed. I'd be curious to know what solves it for you if/when you get it resolved.

      Pam Erickson

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      Thank you, John. That sounds very promising and I will give it a try.

      I have to agree that I hate the heavy-handed BS in Windows 7 and wish dearly that I hadn't had to upgrade. What little I understand about the UAC I hate so far and it seems to be causing problems in other ways, so I can see this being the issue.

      I'll give it a try and report back.

      Also, I'm testing out a theory that flushing the clipboard solves the problem. I created a shortcut with the command prompt

      cmd.exe /c “echo off | clip”

      and, so far, it seems to work.

      Of course, I still want to solve the problem. Hitting a shortcut to flush the clipboard every fifth (or whatever) time I have to cut & paste is not a long term solution....

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "John Shotsky" <jshotsky@...> wrote:
      > It is most likely that Microsoft's UAC rules are preventing your pasting.
      > I would move NoteTab out of C:\Program Files. Since Vista, Microsoft has protected that folder, making many older
      > applications work in unusual ways or not at all. I install NoteTab and many other programs in C:\Programs, a folder I
      > created. This also makes it easier to separate these programs from other Windows programs in the registry, if you decide
      > you want to change anything there. Then, right click the NoteTab.exe file and choose properties, compatibility, and
      > choose 'always run as administrator'. That will make it work like it worked in XP. Well, if you aren't using an
      > administrator's user account, you might still have problems. Microsoft's rules are murky about exactly what it permits
      > for various types of user accounts, and they mean different things in different operating systems.
      > I also move the NoteTab.ini file local to the NoteTab folder, and edit the .ini file (using a different editor) to
      > ensure it uses the local copy, and not a copy stored elsewhere in C:\users�..\....\....\....\....\....\ etc. How I hate
      > that!
      > You change these setting as I have them:
      > UseRegistry=0
      > UseProfileFolder=0
      > Then save. Now, everything that happens with NoteTab will happen in its own folders, and there will be less confusion
      > about which library files it is using, etc. (Confusion, because Windows moves new copies of library files into shadow
      > storage, and uses them from there.)
      > I would first eliminate Microsoft's heavy hand on applications before looking further. If it won't paste after that, I'd
      > not only be surprised, but would begin to suspect the installation of the operating system or physical ram problems. You
      > should even be able to copy Unicode into NoteTab.
      > Regards,
      > John
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