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22745Re: [NTB] Spelling Checker

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  • Greg Chapman
    Aug 3, 2012
      Hi Bruce,

      On 03 Aug 12 16:52 bruce.somers@... said:
      > Someone recommended tinySpell. I have tinySpell loaded, but it
      > doesn't show up in NoteTab. Is there a trick?

      TinySpell won't show up in NoteTab. It works in a very different way
      to most spell checkers.

      It captures keystrokes made anywhere in the Windows environment rather
      than checking the text entered in a particular window - as a result it
      only checks as you type and can't be made to re-check a word once
      you've started typing the next word.

      You'll also need the paid-for version to get multiple languages.

      While it's very good at what it does, I'd say it was only really
      useful for programs that have no facility for installing a dedicated
      spell checker.

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