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22658Re: NoteTab7 Not Registering Itself With Windows W7x64

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  • S or J
    Jul 7, 2012
      Hi Eric

      Yes, both 6 and then 7 were installed in the same folder.

      That would likely mean that 7 replaced some 6 components with entirely
      new ones, but perhaps the same name. A subsequent XP Remove Program
      command applied to what it thought was 6 would then have crippled 7.

      It is not the first time that System Restore has saved the day after a
      poor choice on my part.

      7 works fine now and I have a big hard drive so I really don't care
      now if anything actually remains from 6. (Probably not as much space
      as XP's Add or Remove Programs thinks, if the 7 install overwrote
      lots/most of 6's files.)

      Thank you for not only creating a world class program, but going to
      extraordinary lengths to improve it and help users.

      Steve Bachanek in Thunder Bay, Ontario


      On Fri Jul 6, 2012 Eric Fookes wrote:
      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your feedback. Had you installed both versions in the same
      Eric Fookes

      On 06/07/2012 19:26, S or J wrote:
      > Hi Eric
      > Slightly different situation as I have XP, but more of the same
      > wrinkles.
      > I had NT 6 Light on XP, closed it and installed NT 7 Light. Worked
      > fine.
      > When I checked Windows' Add or Remove Programs, saw that it now had
      > 2
      > listings for NoteTab, both 6 and 7.
      > Figured I might as well remove NT 6 to save 3+ meg of disk space
      > shown
      > there. Told it to uninstall 6 and it removed both 6 and 7 despite
      > still showing NT 7 in the program listing.
      > Used System Restore and got both back. Life is full of mysteries.
      > Guess they'll both have to stay.
      > regards
      > Steve in Thunder Bay
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