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22579[NTB] Re: Remove x number of characters from a line of text

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  • biwilliams
    May 28, 2012
      Thanks Marcelo!

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Marcelo Bastos <bytext@...> wrote:
      > Interviewed by CNN on 28/05/2012 19:13, biwilliams told the world:
      > > Thanks for all the replies, guys!
      > > Can anyone explain (briefly) what is meant by 'greedy' and 'non greedy' parameters, please?
      > "Greedy" means what the name implies: it will try to match the largest
      > possible string that corresponds to the parameters. "Non-greedy" will
      > try to match a smaller string.
      > Generally speaking, greedy matches tend to give you bad surprises. For
      > instance, if you greedy-search a string beginning with "g" and ending
      > with "y" in this message, you will get a match corresponding to almost
      > the entire message. A non-greedy match will try to avoid that in various
      > ways -- for instance, by ensuring that the intervening characters can
      > only be alphabetic (no spaces, newlines and punctuations). A non-greedy
      > search will find "greedy" and "generally", among others, but will not
      > consider (almost) the entire message as a match.
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