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22463Re: [NTB] NTP7b6 Feedback: Some Remaining Bugs-Cursor

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  • Greg Chapman
    Apr 25, 2012
      Hi Art,

      On 25 Apr 12 01:40 Art Kocsis <artkns@...> said:
      > that begs the question: why use different controls

      Well, that one's easy... Because NoteTab is not a single product.
      Standard and Pro are aimed at different audiences that require
      different facilities. Accordingly, they use input controls appropriate
      for the tasks that the different audiences need. In the same way that
      other text editors are different again to either Standard or Pro.

      Rather than be surprised at the differences between Standard and Pro,
      you should be expressing your surprise at how similar they are,
      compared to all other editors around.

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