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22429Re: [NTB] Re: Pre-release #2 of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Apr 4, 2012
      Hi Joy,

      > Sorting from the toolbar or a clip causes the newly ordered lines to
      > display without the tab settings being applied. I must make some
      > change to the tab settings of the doc to have the doc display
      > correctly.

      I was not able to reproduce this under XP, but did see the problem under
      Windows 7. Update #3 should fix the issue.

      > Changing only the tab settings for a doc does not trigger the "Doc
      > has changed" flag. While some disagree since no text has been
      > changed, the tab settings are stored for each doc which means
      > something about the doc HAS changed.

      This is by design. Nothing is changed in the text file when you modify
      the setting. Document properties are always automatically saved.

      > Double clicking in the middle of a word selects the word from the
      > click position the the beginning of the word instead of the entire
      > word. Some people say it works correctly for them while others say it
      > does not.

      I haven't been able to reproduce this under XP and Win7.

      > This appears NEW IN VER 7! (At least I never noticed it in 6.2)
      > Double clicking on a word opens a tab in my browser. I noticed that
      > the word must be the last or next to last word in a sentence ending
      > with a period. So clicking on "normally" opens a tab with the address
      > file://localhost/C:/Users/user/Documents/Info/Misc/normally (The doc
      > exists in C:/Users/user/Documents/Info/Misc)

      Did you set the Tools / Quick Open Links menu option?

      > I also did not see the updated descriptions for StrCount, StrPos,
      > StrReplace and the new StrWordCount in the new documentation.

      You're correct. The ClipCode.chm file still needs to be updated.


      Eric Fookes
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