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22424Pre-release #2 of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Mar 27, 2012
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm have just uploaded a new pre-release of NoteTab Light and NoteTab
      Pro Trial version 7.0.

      Here's a list of the main changes since the first pre-release:

      * Added real-time word count feature, with a choice between two counting
      methods. The feature is controlled through the View|Word Count submenu
      and the word count is displayed in the status bar next to the Ins/Ovr
      info panel. Word-count is based either on selected text or the whole
      document (or topic with Outlines). This feature is not available in
      NoteTab Light (unless you enable trial mode).

      The MS Word method returns a count that should be a close match to the
      word-count result in Microsoft Word. The NoteTab method is more
      sophisticated and counts words using a more extensive set of word
      delimiters. MS Word mostly counts words delimited by space characters.
      In the following examples, MS Word counts one word per line whereas
      NoteTab counts three words in each:

      * When the real-time word-count feature is enabled, you can click on the
      corresponding panel in the status bar to see more detailed text
      statistics. You will see the word count based on the NoteTab method, the
      average number of characters per word, the number of sentences, and the
      average number of words per sentence. This information is particularly
      valuable to copywriters, bloggers and journalists.

      * Added new Bootstrap library, Clipbar and templates. Bootstrap, from
      Twitter, is a fantastic collection of CSS and HTML for rapidly
      developing professional-looking web sites. For more information, visit
      the official Bootstrap website through this link:

      * Added new Clip function to count the number of words in a string:
      Method = MsWord or NoteTab

      * Updated Clip functions to support regular expressions and wildcards:

      C: Searches for whole words only.
      I: Ignores character case.
      R: Specifies that the search criteria represents a regular expression.
      *: Specifies that the search criteria uses wildcards.
      A: Use to replace all matched occurrences with ^$StrReplace. When this
      option is not used, only the first match is replaced.

      * Fixed issue in ^$GetDateToInt[(Date;DateFilter)]$ function that failed
      when date filter did not exactly match date pattern. Example:

      * Fixed an issue with ^$GetDocumentPath$ and the %NtbDocuments% token
      failing to use the user-defined default directories.

      * Fixed errors in the Clip Assistant.

      * Fixed an issue in the Modify | Block | Cut feature that failed to work
      if only the last character column was selected.

      If you would like to try NoteTab 7 and provide feedback before the final
      version is released, use the download links below:

      NoteTab Light 7 (freeware)

      NoteTab Pro 7 (30-day trial version)

      You can safely install the trial version of NoteTab Pro 7 alongside your
      paid version of NoteTab Pro 6. Just make sure you don't install it in
      the same folder!

      I look forward to reading your comments and feedback.


      Eric Fookes
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