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22418Pre-release of NoteTab 7.0 available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Mar 21, 2012
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm pleased to announce to you the availability of a pre-release version
      of NoteTab 7.0 -- at last! :)

      Here's a list of the main changes since version 6.2:

      * Under Windows 32-bit with the /3GB option and Windows x64, NoteTab can
      now allocate resources past the 2GB address limit when needed (up to 4 GB).

      * Added support for wildcard searching in find/replace tools. This
      feature is not available in NoteTab Light (unless you enable trial
      mode). The following tokens are provided:

      * = matches 0 or more word characters. Example: "jo*" matches "JO",
      "John", "Jody", "joint", "join_leave".

      # = matches 0 or more word characters, including HTML entity
      characters. Example: "na#" matches "naïve", "naïve", and "naïve".

      ** = matches 0 or more characters and can span across words within a
      line. Example: "click**link" matches "click link", "click on link",
      "clicking on link", "Click on this link", but not "click on links".

      ? = matches exactly one word character. Example: "jo?" matches "Job"
      and "jot", but not "JO", "John", "Jody", and "joint".

      ~ = matches 0 or one word characters. Example: "jo~" matches "JO",
      "Job", and "jot", but not "John", "Jody", and "joint".

      & = matches exactly one word character or one HTML entity. Example:
      "caf&" matches "café", "café", and "café".
      Word characters include alphanumeric characters, all extended ANSI
      characters, as well as "_".

      To search with wildcard tokens, select the Wildcards option in the
      Search drop-down list. Choose Standard for literal searching and
      "Regular Exp." for searching with regular expressions.

      The ^!Find and ^!Replace Clip commands also support wildcard searching.
      Use "*" as an option parameter. The following example searches for words
      that end in "tab":
      ^!FIND "*tab" C*

      * Added new HTML-CSS and HTML-AutoReplace libraries and Clipbar, which
      include support for HTML5 and CSS3. They replace the following outdated
      files (note that these are not uninstalled by NoteTab):

      * Added two new web page templates (Web page.tpl and Web page HTML5.tpl)
      to replace the following outdated files (note that these are not
      uninstalled by NoteTab):

      * Updated the regular expressions engine to the latest release, which is
      based on PCRE 8.30.

      * A confirmation dialog box is now displayed when the Close All menu
      command is used.

      * The Find and Replace dialog boxes now show search results in a balloon
      (unless you are using Blind-User mode) instead of a message box. This
      speeds up you work as you no longer need to click on the message box OK
      button to close it.

      * The "Search Disk.fvr" Favorites file created after a Search Disk
      operation now removes the maximum limit of 65 files.

      * Program file is now code signed to reduce the risk of anti-virus false

      * Fixed printing issue whereby last page or pages failed to print.

      * Fixed issue with "Save Directory" setting being ignored under the "Use
      Default Directories" option.

      * Fixed issue with "Disk Files" option in "Quick List" when "Show Full
      Names" option is turned off.

      * Fixed issue when pasting text with non-Windows line breaks into
      NoteTab Pro.

      * Partially fixed issue with disappearing Clip wizard labels under
      Windows 7 (though the problem does reappear if you hit the Alt key).

      * Fixed issue when comparing negative integer values in Clips.

      * Fixed issue in ^$GetDate(Date Mask;+/-days)$ function when using the
      "+/-days" parameter.

      * Some other minor improvements and issues fixed.

      * Updated documentation.

      There are still a couple of features missing from the pre-release
      copies. I'll save them as a surprise for later... <g>

      The price for NoteTab Pro 7 will be increased to $39.95 (sorry about
      that). The new pricing is necessary to make NoteTab financially viable
      again. Registered users will benefit from a 50% upgrade discount.
      Customers who purchased NoteTab this year will be entitled to a free

      NoteTab Std will no longer be sold as a separate product, but will be
      included with NoteTab Pro. However, it will be available for free as a
      single product through TrialPay.

      If you would like to try NoteTab 7 and provide feedback before the final
      version is released, use the download links below:

      NoteTab Light 7 (freeware)

      NoteTab Pro 7 (30-day trial version)

      You can safely install the trial version of NoteTab Pro 7 alongside your
      paid version of NoteTab Pro 6. Just make sure you don't install it in
      the same folder!

      I do hope you will like this new release, even though the program
      interface hasn't changed. A lot of work has gone into it, and as I said
      earlier, there are still a couple of surprises to come...

      I look forward to reading your comments and feedback.


      Eric Fookes
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