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22347Re: [NTB] In NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv - Display Full Unicode Character Set for Courier New

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Jan 6, 2012
      Interviewed by CNN on 06/01/2012 20:54, Harold told the world:
      > In NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv, I have changed my standard font to Courier New, which has a *lot* of useful characters in the high-end Unicode range. I tried getting Unicode characters to display, using everything I knew about NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv, but have failed. When I try to paste a high-end character into a Courier New document, all I get is a question mark.
      > Does anyone know how to save/read Unicode files with NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv? How should it be configured to support this? I would surely appreciate your help.
      AFAIK, Notetab does not have complete Unicode support. It does have
      read-only Unicode support, but the file has to have the BOM (Bit Order
      Mark) in order to be recognized as Unicode.


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