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22337Re: [NTB] Questions about bookmarks

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  • Don G Daugherty
    Dec 24, 2011
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      On 12/23/2011 2:17 PM, cq9 wrote:
      > Hi. I am a very new user of NoteTab Pro 6.2. It has lots of features I like, but I've got several questions about NTP's bookmarks. I see that I can select bookmarks numbered from 1-10. What happens if I want more than ten bookmarks?
      > Also, I previously used a different text editor in which I could name each bookmark. That way, I knew exactly what each bookmark was marking. Also, all the named bookmarks were listed in a panel to the right of the document. I can't imagine how I will remember bookmark information with just a number. Is there a way to name each bookmark? And is there an easy way to access them instead of going to the toolbar each time, selecting Search, and then Go to Bookmark and then select the bookmark I want?
      > I've just noticed what may be some glitches in the bookmark feature. I set bookmarks in a document yesterday, but when I opened the document in NTP today, the bookmarks were gone. I then again set some bookmarks, closed NTP to the system tray, and then opened it again. The bookmarks were there, but when I searched for bookmark 5, it was in the wrong place, ahead of bookmarks 1 through 4.
      > I tried to save the file in which I had made the bookmarks, but the Save icon was greyed out, as was the option to Save from the File menu. And sure enough, when I closed the document and closed down NTP and then opened it again and opened the file, the bookmarks were again missing. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem with the bookmark feature? I went through the forum looking for information about bookmarks before I posted this message, and I saw nothing about the glitches I've just described.
      > Thanks in advance for your help.
      I think with use of Notetab's Clip language you can create your own
      savable bookmark equivalents.
      The idea would be to use a set of characters that you would normally
      never use -- ASCII characters above 128 for example. Subscribe to the
      Clips List and ask for help there if you need it,
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