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22295Re: [NTB] Windows 7 recognizing note tab

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  • Don Daugherty
    Nov 9, 2011
      On 11/3/2011 5:26 PM, Harold Noffke wrote:
      > Another thing which doesn’t work for NoteTab Pro 6.2/fv in Windows 7 is setting “Show Icon and Notifications” in the “Customize” pane of the pop-out System Tray. This is where I like to see NT on Startup, just as if I has just minimized or closed it. Although I have to keep resetting “Show Icon and Notifications” when I start up (to pull the NT icon out of the pop-out tray into the onscreen tray), the next time I Shutdown/Restart I find W7 has not retained the “Show icon” setting, and the whole process starts all over again.
      > Has anyone tinkered with this and found a way to make “Show Icon” stick to NT across Shutdown/Restart cycles?
      It's not the same thing, and it may or may not be useful for you, but I
      like the "close to Task-Bar" feature inherent in Win7's "pin to
      task-bar" feature. If you haven't already tried it, the next time you
      have NoteTab open, right-click on it's tab in the task-bar, and choose
      "pin to task bar." When to program is later closed, it ends-up looking
      like an icon in the old launch-tray of earlier versions of Windows. (If
      you don't like it, right click and choose "Un-pin ...")
      (An old engineering professor!)
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