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  • Eb
    Nov 1, 2011
      NoteTab has issues with clipboard capturing.
      I have had interference with several other applications:

      Adobe Reader often generates an error, when trying to copy selected text into NoteTab's pasteboard.

      Fidelity's WealthLab crashes, when NoteTab's pasteboard is enabled, and I try to cut & paste within the WealthLab editor.

      What applications do you have problems with?

      Also, take a look at taskmanager after NoteTab disappears, and see if NotePro.exe is still running, despite having disappeared.

      Report these things to Fookes as bugs.

      Finally, it may help to reinstall NoteTab. Sometimes parts of NoteTab get corrupted during heavy memory use; or when you shut-domw by hibernation or stand-by, applications can be interfered with.


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Bob Gorman <bgorman@...> wrote:
      > ... Note Tab disappears, exits memory.
      > ... when I have Paste board enabled, and at the moment
      > of doing a copy from another application! Yes, more than 1
      > application.
      > ...
      > --
      > *God* gave us grapes;
      > *Entrepreneurs* gave us wine.

      Hmm, I thought Monks gave us wine?
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