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22257Re: [NTB] deleting a line with 1-3 'random' digits

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    Oct 5, 2011
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      Interviewed by CNN on 05/10/2011 22:30, connie told the world:
      > Hi,
      > In a copied page of posts from a Yahoo Group, there would be several lines like the following:
      > Reply | Messages in this Topic (79)
      > - with Word I can insert codes for "any digit" and remove (replace with either blank or space) all those lines in three passes, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do the same with Note Tab Lite.
      > I'm hoping someone will kindly give the solution.

      Oh, that's easy... if you use regular expressions, which is kind of the
      "advanced mode" of Search & Replace.

      Regular expressions (regexps for short) not only have codes for "any
      digit" but also for a lot of other neat stuff.

      In your example, I would search for the following regexp:

      Reply \| Messages in this Topic \(\d+\) \r\n

      and replace it with a blank string. It should get all the lines in a
      single pass, no matter how many digits long is the number.

      (Note: the blank spaces after the closing parenthesis match the blank
      spaces on your example string.)


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