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22188Re: [NTB] Rudimentary spelling checker

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jul 20, 2011
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      On the contrary, editing the default.udt is quite trivial:

      Select the first 10 lines and change "IGN_" to "IGN_0"
      Select the first 100 lines and repeat.
      Use the block mode to cut the first 8 cols from the entire file
      and save them in a temp doc.
      Edit & sort the remaining to your hearts content
      Copy and reinsert the saved text.

      No need for anything but basic NTB editing.

      BTW, NTB is perfectly happy with leading 0s in default.udt.
      Perhaps you should have checked first.

      Namaste', Art

      At 07/19/2011 15:49, you wrote:
      >The user dictionary, default.udt , is editable in principle, but editing
      >is extremely laborious, because of the numbering of the entries. I haven't
      >tried yet, for example, to see if one can simply remove an unwanted entry
      >without extremely laborious manual renumbering.
      >Another beginner's error is the numbering 0, 1, 2, ... 19, 11, 12, ...
      >100, 101, 102, ... of the entries, which assures that they cannot be
      >sorted intelligently.
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