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22180Re: [NTB] URL problem

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jul 14, 2011
      I suspect that your problem is due to the unseen characters in your text
      and would bet that the original text was copied from another doc or web page.
      Try typing (NOT cut & paste), the four lines into a new doc and observing
      the behavior.

      If the problem persists, then the issue is with gmail.

      If the problem disappears, then the problem is probably the line terminators.

      There are three possibilities for end-of-line: DOS, Unix & Mac.
      Make sure your NTB is set to use the DOS CRLF.
      [View|Options|Documents|Save as "DOS/Windows"]

      A cut and paste source document has unknown line terminators. Web pages
      frequently use the single LF (Unix) or CF (Mac) character for line termination.
      NTB correctly displays all three but can mess you up as it retains the

      To easily convert your document, open your "Find and Replace" dialog and
      enter "\R" (without the quotes) in the "Find" and "\r\n" in the "Replace",
      that "Regular Exp" is checked, double click in the grey area to insure that
      cursor is at the top of the document and then click "Replace All". Note that
      case is important in RegEX: \r is NOT the same as \R.

      If this is a frequent task, you can put this into a clip and add it to your
      for a one click solution.

      ^!Jump Doc_Start
      ^!Replace "\R" >> "\r\n" AIRSW

      If all this does not work, another possibility for the source of your
      problem is that
      the original text was in Unicode. IIRW, copy your entire document,
      Edit|Copy All,
      into a new tab, save both and then compare sizes. If the copied text is smaller
      then your original contains Unicode.


      Namaste', Art

      At 07/13/2011 21:05, you wrote:
      >Since installing NoteTab Light v.6.2 in Windows 7, I'm encountering the
      >following problem for the first time:
      >After editing these lines in NTL with exactly this layout ...
      >St Peter's soccer teams continue to set pace
      >Waikato Times
      >St Peter's School continue to lead the way in the Waikato secondary school
      >soccer competition.
      >... I paste them into Gmail and they are transformed into this:
      >St Peter's soccer teams continue to set pace
      >Waikato Times
      >[start of hypertext link]
      >St [end of hypertext link]
      >Peter's School continue to lead the way in the Waikato secondary school
      >soccer competition.
      >So I'm getting paragraph breaks before and after the first word of the
      >summary and a false URL:
      >I would greatly appreciate a solution, because this is a considerable
      >Mike Leon
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