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22149RE: [NTB] New to WIn7: Can't Edit Libraries...

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  • John Shotsky
    Apr 25, 2011
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      Vista and Windows 7 prevent users and programs from editing in the Program Files folder. There are ways around it using
      various permissions, but they can be unstable, since various Microsoft updates can break such permissions. Vista and 7
      also have a 'shadow copy' feature that, unless UAC is defeated, store your changes in another place - not in Program
      Files, so you get tricked, thinking you edited something in Program Files, but not seeing the changes in Program Files.
      If you search your computer for the edited files, you can find the shadow copies, provided you have your computer set up
      to show those folders and files.

      I install all older programs, including NoteTab in C:\Programs. Problem solved. I also bring the notetab.ini file and
      everything else under the NoteTab folder, instead of having to find those files in C:\Users or anywhere else. I like a
      compact installation, where everything is together.



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      Subject: [NTB] New to WIn7: Can't Edit Libraries...

      Hi Everybody,

      I have been using NoteTab for years, currently using NoteTabPro 6.2 f/v.

      When I go to edit a Library CLB file, Win7 tells me that access is denied. My IT guy says I have no restrictions on my
      use of the computer (I am Owner/Creator and it says I have admin priveleges).

      Since I never had this problem on XP I'm thinking it's a Win7 thing.

      Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this problem of not being able to edit my Libraries?



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