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22138Re: notetab does not refresh in the browser

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  • S or J
    Apr 17 11:59 AM
      Hi Folks

      One other possibility is a memory shortage situation, due to one or
      more programs not properly releasing memory.

      Normally my NoteTab Light shows a webpage just fine in the browser and
      refreshes perfectly to show new content after any NoteTab save.

      But if I am editing a number of webpages in NoteTab and have also used
      Adobe photo programs (real memory hogs) extensively, I sometimes get
      to the point when the browser stubbornly ignores a refresh command
      after a NoteTab save.

      My solution is to completely close Adobe's Photoshop or Elements; I
      then close the browser and reopen it. I also close and reopen NoteTab.
      Then the browser will almost always show the latest NoteTab webpage
      correctly. [And if not, a computer restart always restores normality
      in NoteTab and the browser.]

      Yes I could experiment with closing only one or two of these programs
      but it only takes a few seconds to close all three and reopen just the
      NoteTab/browser combo and usually get right back to work.

      Steve in Thunder Bay

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "John Wallace" <johnta1@...> wrote:
      > I have to save the change first, to be able to refresh the web page.

      Posted by: "lovemypekes444" kerrykcoates@...
      Date: Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:50 am ((PDT))
      > Yes, of course I save the changes. But when I hit the refresh
      > button in the browser, nothing happens. Now, when I am just
      > browsing around on the internet and land on a website, it will
      > refresh a web page, but not when I open a NoteTabPro page in the
      > browser.<
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