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22115RE: [NTB] Quick List Vanished!

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  • Art Kocsis
    Apr 1, 2011
      Unless specifically overridden at launch, each instance of NTB uses the
      same INI file.
      Consequently, the last instance to close defines the INI file that is saved.
      I frequently have as many as a half dozen instances of NTB active, each
      with multiple
      documents open, and was constantly clicking the wrong close button. Not
      only could I
      not remember where all of these files were located, I couldn't even
      remember which 50
      to 100 files they were!

      So, in frustration, since NTB has neither a session nor a project
      save/restore, I wrote
      my own. There are no limits (other than disk capacity), on the number of
      and/or number of files saved/restored. Using clips and clipbar icons, it is
      only two clicks
      to save or restore.

      Although I can see a couple of tweaks for improvements they work quite
      nicely for me.
      However, I would like to test them on some other systems to ensure that
      they work
      with other NTB installations and OS environments. If you are interested in
      trying them
      out write to me.

      Namaste', Art

      At 04/01/2011 07:53, John Wallace wrote:
      >I feel your pain.
      >I did this once and I could never get my list right again. :(
      >Should close the 2nd NTprogram 1st, then the original one last.
      >Try saving all the quick list in your 'Favorites' next time.
      >Helps in reloading the files.
      >One other thing NoteTab needs is a bigger 'memory' for these files.
      >There is a limit on the amount of files in the Quick List.
      >I'm always working on files and this makes it easy to work on, instead of
      >trying to remember where on the hard drive they're at.

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      >Subject: Re: [NTB] Quick List Vanished!
      >I tried all of the other options, but the list of open documents has
      >mysteriously disappeared. I can re-create this long list of doucments, but
      >am concened about why it happened and how to prevent it.
      >Is it possible that having NoteTab Pro open and then double-clicking on
      >another textfile in my file manager opened a second copy of NoteTab Pro
      >with a nearly empty Quick List. Could this have caused the problem?
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