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22105Re: [NTB] notetab does not refresh in the browser

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  • Art Kocsis
    Mar 27, 2011
      Hi Kerry,

      No problem. We have all been there.

      To see your FF version, click on "Help | About".

      Don't be too concerned about the FF warning re about:config. It is quite
      safe to look at the options and make simple changes. The warning is just a
      CYA from Mozilla similar to a warning on screwdrivers to wear eye
      protection. Besides, that was only meant to unequivocally prove that it was
      a cache phenomenon. You don't normally want to run any browser without
      enabling cache. It would significantly slow you down.

      Don't sell yourself short. I doubt you're "dingy" at all.

      Re your signature: no client email app should overwrite a quoted message
      but I don't use Outlook Express so I can't help you there.

      Feedback request:

      Were you updated? (Is your FF version= 4.0?)

      Did the Shift-click refresh solve the problem?

      Please report back so that others who may have similar problems will know.
      (As well as satisfy our curiosity<g>.)

      Namaste', Art

      At 03/27/2011 18:33, Kerry wrote:
      >Thank you, Art! Yes, I always work with tabs and my file names were
      >correct (not a temp file name). You have to excuse me -- I am not up on
      >all the "language" and I think it has been a couple of years since I have
      >even posted to the group -- (...she looks down and shuffles her feet.....)
      >-- so I guess I left out some important information when I screamed "Help"
      >-- I was pretty frustrated. I hope you will all forgive me........
      >I think I will just use the "Shift/Refresh" trick instead of messing with
      >my config file. I put it into the URL window and got a warning message and
      >decided I better just do it the long way.....dingy as I am, I wouldn't
      >want to mess anything up.
      >Also, I know I really shouldn't include my automatic signature and I
      >appologize once again, but it is so long that when I hit "Reply" it runs
      >over the previous message -- I remembered to take it off one time and
      >ended up deleting most of the previous message. I will try to be more
      >aware in the future......
      >Thank you everyone for all your help!!!
      >Kerry Coates in New Mexico, USA
      >----- Original Message -----
      >From: Art Kocsis
      >To: NoteTab-Basic
      >Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 3:28 PM
      >Subject: Re: [NTB] notetab does not refresh in the browser
      >Kerry, [assuming that you are also lovemypekes444]
      >MCBastos has perfectly described the Notetab process and I strongly doubt
      >that that has changed on your system. The far more likely problem is your
      >browser. [BTW, when asking for help it helps us tremendously if you fully
      >describe the problem AND the environment such as your browser and operating
      >system including version numbers.]
      >Since you later said that you use Firefox you may not realize that a major
      >change happened last week with the release of v4.0. If you had automatic
      >updates enabled you now have a new browser with new settings and defaults.
      >["Tools | Options | Advanced | Update"]
      >The prime suspect is your browser cache. If the browser doesn't think the
      >file has changed (local or internet), it will reload the page from its
      >cache. In FF to force a refresh which bypasses the cache, use shift-refresh
      >[either "View | Shift-Reload" or Shift-Click the reload icon]. You can also
      >turn caching off in FF. Enter "about:config" in the URL window and scroll
      >down to the browser.cache section and change both browser.cache.disk.enable
      >and browser.cache.memory.enable to false [double click to toggle settings]
      >Also examine the URL and verify that the file name is correct and not a
      >temp file name.
      >It appears that you are missing out on the benefits of using tabs. You
      >should have been opening the new file versions in separate tabs not
      >separate windows. [Go to "Tools | Options | Tabs" and make sure that "Open
      >new windows in a new tab" is checked.] This also makes it very easy and
      >convenient to compare the results of changes to your pages.
      >Namaste', Art
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