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22074Re: [NTB] Problem in copying/pasting extended-ascii characters (Polish)

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  • Jane
    Mar 2, 2011
      I joined today looking for a solution to this problem. I can't use Notetab now for a large current project because it strips the Polish characters from my text. If there is an improvement or a workaround I'd love to hear about it! Otherwise, ugh, it's back to Microsoft Word??

      > I could create a
      > text file with Polish text, open it by the NoteTab and have all
      > characters (including extended-ascii) displayed correctly on the
      > screen! But, if I copy a part of this text and paste it to the same
      > text (within the same file) or to another text editor, this part will
      > be corrupted (most of diacritical characters of the text will be changed).
      > Since you have mentioned that "we'll take a look at the Polish
      > extended characters", I will give you more technical details. There
      > are 9 lower-case and 9 upper-case diacritical characters in Polish
      > language. The NoteTab in the copy/paste process transfers correctly
      > only 3 l-case and 3 u-case characters. Remaining 12 characters become
      > modified by dropping ogonki ("accents").
      > It is not important whether I use Polish font or any other. In my
      > case, extended character decimal 234 was changed to 101, 191 to 122,
      > 188 to 76, etc., but characters 182, 177 and 243 were not changed.
      > Probably there are other extended-ascii characters that the NoteTab
      > would modify. I think a text editor should copy whatever character
      > codes are, but without modifying any of them.
      > Andrew
      > --
      > Greetings,
      > Andrew
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