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22058Re: NoteTab 6.2 Odd Minimize/Restore Behaviour

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  • Eb
    Feb 23, 2011
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      For what it's worth, I achieved different results on _my_ system as you did on yours. However, did ot have a normal Windows XP available at the time, and tested on a virtual Windos XP running inside a virtual PC within Windows 7.

      Testing on Window XP Mode (withing Windows 7), Both NTP 4.95 and NTP 6.2 perform as one would expect! I.e. the pop-up minimizes with NoteTab, and restores when NT is maximized.

      Two things worth noting:
      The XP Mode may share some W7 libraries, that a plain Windows XP does not have.
      The NoteTab versions I tested were the PRO versions.



      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "S or J" <jstudio@...> wrote:
      > My normal work situation is to have NoteTab always operating, as well
      > as a Search and Replace box which I need to use very frequently.
      > With 6.2, minimizing NoteTab has the program leaving the screen but
      > the S&R box stays on the screen -- but now behind any other open
      > programs. Left clicking on the NoteTab tab in the XP tray WILL NOT
      > restore the program to the screen. Only right clicking the tab and
      > selecting the Restore item does so. And the S&R box then appears in
      > front of the NoteTab screen as it should.
      > If I do close the S&R box (before or after NoteTab is minimized) left
      > clicking on the NoteTab tab in the XP tray WILL restore the program to
      > the screen.
      > I know this is not a major problem as I can work around it. But this
      > unusual minimize-restore behaviour is rather annoying and quite unlike
      > any other programs I have used.
      > Suggestions would be appreciated, or perhaps this is a bug.
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