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22018RE: [NTB] Text-compare tools: recommendations?

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  • John Shotsky
    Nov 30, 2010
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      I have long lines and need wrapping and every single change between documents including whitespace. I use the free

      You can control the granularity of what it compares. It is really for merging programmer's files too, but I find it
      works great for my needs, which is probably pretty close to yours. I have tried just about all the free ones, and some
      that cost money, and this remains my favorite. It's amazing how few of them do line wrapping.

      <http://recipetoolz.com/> http://recipetoolz.com

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      Subject: [NTB] Text-compare tools: recommendations?

      I have been searching for a good text-compare tool for years. Yes, I'm
      aware of WinMerge and similar tools, but they have a major shortcoming:
      they are geared for programmers, and do line-by-line comparison.
      Furthermore, they don't wrap lines.

      I'm looking for something able to deal with long lines of regular text,
      doing word-by-word (or better yet, character-by-character) comparison. I
      have been using Microsoft Word for that, but it has a big problem --
      Word is a terrible HTML editor (no, I lie: it would have to improve a
      lot in order to ascend to "terrible" status). So I have to use it to
      find the differences and edit them in Notetab in a separate window,
      which is not very efficient.

      I recently became aware of a tool called "Diffuse", and it seems to at
      least highlight the exact place of the difference (instead of just the
      entire line), but it still looks too programmer-geared for my needs.

      Does anybody know of a tool with the features I mentioned?


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