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22012Re: [NTB] Possible, two profiles with two list of docs?

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  • Lawrence
    Nov 17, 2010

      If your command line to launch NoteTab uses the name of an ini file that does not exist, NoteTab will create it from scratch. So this behavior is correct.

      I use multiple shortcuts using different ini files for different projects. At work I have my main ini for my general day to day stuff, but use custom ini files for various big projects to keep that work separate and in a state I can pick up where I left off, without having to change anything.

      I also built a clip several years ago to build command lines to use to build the command lines to launch NoteTab.

      Here is a sample command line using nearly every option, my clip is old and I have not updated it to take advantage of all the options since.

      Following line may wrap:
      "C:\NoteTab\NotePro.exe"/L="HTML" /C=HTML /INST="HTML Editing" /INI="Myini.ini"

      Here is my commandline that I use at work:

      Following line may wrap:
      C:\NoteTab\NotePro.exe /L="_Work" /C=Work /INI="Work" /USER="C:\NoteTab"

      In my example above, I have the NoteTab directory on the C:\ drive, as I have been a 12.5 year user of NoteTab, and prefer it that way. /L is the library to start with, /C is the clipbar to start with, and /INI calls the ini, work.ini. you can include the .ini if you want.

      Looking at your example, make sure that the directory for your /USER parameter exists. You have double quotes around your parameters, so that is excellent.

      Also the ini file "noteprot.ini" should exist in the directory "d:\notetabt", or it will create a new ini if it cannot find it.

      Look at "Command-line Parameters" in the main NoteTab help.

      You have a valid command line in this example, so check for typos.

      If you are interested in my command line building clip, ask for it on the Clips list.



      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Debbie Pomerance <Debbie.pomerance@...> wrote:
      > I tried this, copied my .ini file to a new directory and tried the following
      > on the shortcut
      > notetab.exe /USER="d:\notetabt" /INI="d:\notetabt\noteprot"
      > Notetab started, but it started as a new startup.
      > I think my parameters are correct, syntax?
      > Thank you.
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