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21974hyperlink question

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  • brf1939
    Oct 28, 2010
      I have a small question about the creation of hyperlinks to text in other NoteTab files. I am aware that by using the form

      [test.otl::sample text]

      I can jump to a file entitled "test.otl" and the heading "sample text" within that file.

      I also know that if the file in question is not an outline file, the second element ("sample text") will be interpreted as a link to the first occurrence of that phrase in the file.

      So this is my question: Is it possible to combine all three elements in a hyperlink? In other words, can I jump to another file (an outline file), then to a particular heading, and then to the first occurrence of a word or phrase under that heading? The hyperlink would look something like this:

      [test.otl::sample text::John Doe]

      But I find this doesn't work: NoteTab doesn't recognize the third element ("John Doe"). Is there some other way of doing this?
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