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21950NoteTab and the Sticky "I"

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    Oct 22, 2010
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      Hi Folks

      Here is a mystery that has occurred since starting to use NoteTab many
      years ago.

      Besides writing html, I use NoteTab Light 4.95 to edit some seventy
      plain text files for one of my websites. These files gather technical
      information about machining and metal work from many newsgroup sources
      and are stripped of redundant information in order to make a handy
      reference for machinists. ( A non-commercial ad-free site.)

      I arbitrarily use text files as they are much more compact than their
      html or PDF equivalents. I also arbitrarily edit the information with
      the Enter key so that there are no more than 75 characters per line.
      This way a text file printed at 10 cpi will easily fit on standard

      The sticky "I".

      When inserting line breaks and a break is needed in any sentence after
      the word I in a text string like:
      Sentence .... I word1 word2 word3....

      my first step is to remove the space after the I so we now have:
      Sentence .... Iword1 word2 word3....
      and now with the cursor after I press Enter.

      For the result we should expect to see:
      Sentence .... I
      word1 word2 word3....

      But NoteTab makes it into
      Sentence .... Iwo
      rd1 word2 word3....
      and stubbornly will not allow a line break where it is wanted.

      If you try to insert a line break immediately after the I before
      removing the space, you get:
      Sentence .... I w
      ord1 word2 word3....

      The workaround is to then delete the "wo" and retype it on the next
      line, or do the original break immediately before word1 and remove the
      space later.

      No it's not a big deal but it is kinda annoying. Thankfully this odd
      behaviour seems confined to the letter "I".

      I don't know if the behavior is a bug in my version of NoteTab or
      whether it occurs in others.

      Steve in Thunder Bay, Ontario
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