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21941Re: Use as Pasteboard function not working for me...... Any ideas?

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  • ken_winston_caine_author
    Sep 15, 2010
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      UPDATE and new question:

      Update: I downloaded a trial of v. 6.2 Pro and the 'Use as Pasteboard' command is working exactly as it should for me. So the problem was something with my install of 4.95 pro.

      New Question: What is the path to NotetabPro favorites in v. 6.2? In 4.95 and earlier we had a folder named "Favorites" with a single editable file inside. I was wanting to move that over to the v. 6.2 install, however, find no such folder in v. 6.2.

      So what to do to move over my favorites from 4.95?


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "ken_winston_caine_author" <naturedoc@...> wrote:
      > 4.95 Pro, full version.
      > I create a file to be the pasteboard. Save it. Put the cursor in it. Select 'Use as Pasteboard.' The file's tab turns green.
      > I Control-A, Control-C some copy. Nothing happens. Nothing gets pasted to the pasteboard file.
      > If I Control-V, what I copied is pasted.
      > What am I missing?
      > Thanks,
      > ken
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