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21920RE: [NTB] Proper text coding for using in Excel to prevent the HTML code from displaying?

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  • John Shotsky
    Sep 2, 2010
      As I mentioned earlier, you can eliminate that possibility by copying the text from one doc and
      pasting to a new one, then saving it, with the default save as Dos/Windows. I have had to do that on
      many occasions. If it works, you know that is what the problem was. It is a VERY simple
      troubleshooting step, and can also just let you get on with your chore.


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      Subject: Re: [NTB] Proper text coding for using in Excel to prevent the HTML code from displaying?

      This is beginnig to sound like some control characters like form feed, or nulls from Unicode, are
      being converted or erased by Word, but not by NoteTab. Try toggling "preserve Unicode" in NoteTab

      Anyway, why not post some of the offending html text, so we can try to duplicate your problem. Make
      sure it is a sample that you have experienced the problem with, straight from notetab.

      I routinely paste columns of numbers and text from NTP 6.2 to Excel without problems.


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      > thanks for your help.
      > no it MS Office professional 2010. also, its not XML as i can recognize
      > that format. what's strange is that if i paste into MS Word and then save
      > as text and then paste into Excel it works. but once it lands in NT Pro 6
      > it often will not paste or isnert into Excel anymore.

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