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21884[NTB] Re: Another application has modified [filename]. Reload it?

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  • Eb
    Jul 22 12:58 PM
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      Jeff, Eric,

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Seager <abrojos@...> wrote:
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      > Just keep this in mind: Very many network administrators have an innate tendency to slough off a lot of work by acting as if a problem couldn't possibly have been caused by anything THEY did

      This attitude is not limited to network administrators.

      I have reported the "another app has modified..." issue and the "hanging NoteTab instances" to Fookes in the past, repeatedly, as well as in this thread. I see the two issues as related to each other. It may have some relation to Windows' delayed writing to disk, but if so, NoteTab ought to deal with it automatically. I have seen the "other app" problem right after saving a NEW clip library to disk. At the time there was a second instance of NoteTab hanging from the last restart.

      In the past Fookes' support has apparently decided I'm a crackpot. But consider the numbers of NoteTab copies sold compared to the few people who frequent these groups. Even _one_ report of a problem ought to be given credence.

      I use an isolated machine to develop NoteTab scripts. I never connect this PC to a network EXCEPT to upgrade Windows. All other upgrades are done from files downloaded via sneaker net, even my virus definitions. I use this maching only for NoteTab library development. The only applications I run on it, that might alter a library file, are various versions of NoteTab, and occasionally Notepad. While runnning NoteTab I also run Windows explorer, NoteTab Help, and SQLite3. Neither of these two apps modifies NoteTab's library files. Yet I experience the "other app ..." problem routinely.

      I don't see how this could be caused by anything BUT NoteTab. Even if it were caused by the OS, it would be a relationship that the vendor ought to be aware of.

      I do appreciate NoteTab as a great program (otherwise I would simply stop using it). I also appreciate the unusual responsiveness of its author. It is that past responsiveness, that emphasizes the irony of claiming the subject problem to be "external to NoteTab".


      OS support, "it's the application's fault."
      App programmer, "it's the operating system's fault."
      OS support, "so program around it!"
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