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21880RE: [NTB] Re: Another application has modified [filename]. Reload it?

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  • Jeff Seager
    Jul 21, 2010
      Hi again Debbie,

      Of all the things that have been covered here, the one thing that troubles me most is hearing that you might just uninstall NoteTab. It only troubles me because I've used a lot of different software from big corporations and small ones since (omg) 1982, and this is without any reservation one of the best programs I have EVER used. It's useful to me in very many ways, especially when I roll up my sleeves and develop clips or refine and customize clips that others have developed. NoteTab has saved me huge amounts of work over the years.

      Just keep this in mind: Very many network administrators have an innate tendency to slough off a lot of work by acting as if a problem couldn't possibly have been caused by anything THEY did, even if everything points to that. I've seen it for most of my adult life. Not saying anything bad about the people you work with, but it happens. Seems sometimes as if we play a support role to them, instead of the other way around as it should be. So it's natural not to want to trouble those people, even if they are the most logical source of the problem. I can't blame you a bit for looking here first.

      I'm still not clear on how your organization manages these editable files on a network that allows access to all. Without proper controls, everyone would be overwriting everyone else's work all the time. In such a case, NoteTab may have been just the alarm your folks need to alert them to a potentially serious problem.

      Dos centavos mios (and I sincerely hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction),

      To: notetab@yahoogroups.com
      From: debbie_packer@...
      Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 18:00:29 +0000
      Subject: [NTB] Re: Another application has modified [filename]. Reload it?

      Thanks, Eric.

      You are correct that I did not make it clear that the feature was important to me. I thought that was implied and that I supplied plenty of information. I am starting to regret that I ever wrote to ask your support people for help or that I posted a message here. While several people here were very nice and offered helpful suggestions, others here apparently think I'm horrible for having an opinion and feel that they need to tell me how to think.

      John - I DID ask again for further assistance. And, I don't see how telling the others that were helping me what I did is discussing the company in a negative way. If you actually read my response from earlier, you would have noticed that the first thing I said was that I do not blame Fookes for the issue, but that I was disappointed that no one there wanted to try to help. There's nothing wrong with saying that and you have no reason to attack me for that.

      The only reason I wrote on the forum that I had contacted Fookes is because one of the early responses from someone trying to help suggested that I contact them and report the problem. I started here so as not to bother them because I thought maybe someone else might have experienced the same problem. It turns out that I was correct, but they had not found a solution either. I posted that I had contacted them since it had been suggested to me. I posted that I was not satisfied with my response because I was not satisfied with my response. Is there anything wrong with that? I didn't say anything bad about Fookes other than that they didn't really help me. That part is true. They did respond quickly, but they didn't help. They told me to turn off the feature. I told them that I wanted to be able to use the feature, and they told me that they could not help. Apparently saying that here is taboo though. I'm not wrong in saying that other software developers offer to help in situations like this, even if it may not be a problem with their software. I know because I've experienced it. Some of you people need to chill though. I was just asking for help and posted that I didn't really get any help. I was not trying to attack anyone, but some of you don't mind attacking me. So, sorry I asked. I've gone from being a 10-year happy customer to thinking about just deleting my software and hoping I never hear about it again.

      Thanks Jeff, Don, and Eb for your helpful suggestions from earlier! Your help is most appreciated.


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fookes <egroups@...> wrote:


      > Hi Debbie,


      > When you wrote about the issue of the modified files notifications

      > popping up all the time, it was not clear to me that the feature was

      > important to you and that you wanted to keep using it. I had understood

      > that you were simply looking for a way to stop those notifications from

      > appearing. It was not my intention to brush you off. I really thought my

      > suggestion answered your support request.


      > --

      > Regards,


      > Eric Fookes

      > http://www.fookes.com/


      > On 20/07/2010 18:11, debbie_packer wrote:

      > >

      > >

      > > --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fookes<egroups@> wrote:

      > >>

      > >> Hi Debbie,

      > >>

      > >> I'm sorry you were disappointed by the fast response and the suggested

      > >> workaround. We don't know why your server is causing a file date stamp

      > >> mismatch, but we know the issue is external to NoteTab. Unfortunately,

      > >> we are not able to help you change your server configuration in order to

      > >> fix the issue. If we knew of such a fix, we would have told you.

      > >>

      > >> --

      > >> Regards,

      > >>

      > >> Eric Fookes

      > >> http://www.fookes.com/

      > >

      > > Thank you for your response here. I'm not trying to be difficult, I was just annoyed by an initial response to just turn off the feature if it's not working. I don't really consider that a work-around because turning it off is not going to help the feature work. Right?

      > >

      > > I will be interested to visit this forum again when others upgrade to the new version of Samba to see if they have the same problem (if that's what the problem really is). But at least there's already a thread here to tell them that it's their problem to figure out.

      > >

      > > Thanks again.


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