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21877Re: [NTB] Re: Another application has modified [filename]. Reload it?

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  • Brian Mailman
    Jul 20, 2010
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      debbie_packer wrote:
      > In my defense, this is the first response I received:

      Since this isn't a trial, there's not need to mount a defense :)

      > --- You can turn the feature off if it isn't compatible with your
      > setup. To do so, open the NoteTab Options dialog box, go to the
      > General tab, and uncheck the "Check Changes on Activate" setting. ---
      > It did not say that they did not know what was happening, just to
      > turn it off. So, in reality, it's not the same response either
      > way...but thanks. :)

      The point remains. If they had sent that immediately, or sent it after
      waiting 15 minutes from determining the issue, it's the same answer
      either way. The only difference is that you're more willing to accept
      it if it were the latter.

      From Eric's message I understand that fast response time is important
      to him and his company, but look at it from another point of view.
      Doing it your way (which makes you feel better about the response
      itself, which is not a bad thing in and of itself, btw, I'm not
      discounting that). It opens them up to someone else charging that they
      don't care because it took a while to receive an answer and that they
      don't understand that issues are important to users.

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