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21876RE: [NTB] Re: Another application has modified [filename]. Reload it?

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  • John Shotsky
    Jul 20, 2010
      Having been a software product manager in my past, I can tell you that most user 'problems' and the
      solutions for those problems go into a database. Support's job is to answer as quickly and as
      accurately as possible. If a problem is already documented, the speed with which it is answered is
      unrelated to a company's intent to help. If you don't LIKE the offered solution, ask to speak to
      someone higher up the food chain. I talked to many customers that didn't like their first
      'solution'. Just part of the job. I would not have been happy, however, if someone didn't like the
      offered solution, and then went about discussing the company in a negative way in some public group.


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      In my defense, this is the first response I received:

      You can turn the feature off if it isn't compatible with your setup. To do so, open the NoteTab
      Options dialog box, go to the General tab, and uncheck the "Check Changes on Activate" setting.

      It did not say that they did not know what was happening, just to turn it off. So, in reality, it's
      not the same response either way...but thanks. :)

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com <mailto:notetab%40yahoogroups.com> , Brian Mailman <bmailman@...>
      > debbie_packer wrote:

      > I think it should be assumed that they know their software and how it
      > works to a 99.99% certainty. It seems they could tell instantly that
      > there wasn't a solution to your issue. There are just some things, like
      > seeing if water is boiling at sea level to know the temperature is
      > 212F/100C *instantly* without having to wait and test it.
      > I know it would *feel* better to you, and be reassuring, if they'd
      > waited that 15 minutes to say the exact same thing, "We don't know
      > what's happening. We think it's something in your personal
      > configuration." In reality they didn't, they don't, and it's the same
      > response either way.
      > Your job is not to prove that Fookes Software isn't sensitive to
      > customer issues because your issue wasn't solved. Your job is to prove
      > that Fookes Software is incorrect in their assessment1 that the issue is
      > not at their end.
      > 1 THEN, if they don't fix whatever it is in a timely manner you have a
      > case for "they don't care."
      > B/
      > B/

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