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21856Re: [NTB] notetab lite 6.2

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jul 7, 2010
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      On 07 Jul 10 20:33 "afwritor" <afwritor@...> said:
      > i told notetabs to save them as txt files, but i missed the part
      > where i could direct it to save them in a folder of my choice. i
      > will have to look for that option. this may be the cause of the
      > problem that the original poster had as well.

      I'm just talking about the standard windows "Save as" dialogue, which
      always asks the three standard querstions:

      Which folder?
      What name?
      What file type?

      Nothing special.

      EDIT: Oops! Just read your follow up and see that you seem to have
      cracked it.

      FURTHER: I think I recall that NoteTab normally remembers the last
      used "Save as" folder for new files and, of course, brings up the
      source folder when doing a "Save as" on an existing file.

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