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21801Re: [NTB] Select word with double-click - NT-Light vs NT-Pro

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  • loro
    May 23 10:21 AM

      Gianmaria wrote:
      >after using for a while NTLight I was trying the trial version of
      >NTPro. Everything is fine except one thing and I'm really perplexed
      >about it. When I double-click one word in NTL it selects only the
      >word I was pointing, without any blank space after the word itself.
      >In NTP when I double-click it selects the word AND any blank
      >space/tab after the end of the word, until another word or the end
      >of the line is met. As a resul I cannot select single words with
      >double-click anymore. Is this expected? I cannot find any option to
      >change this behaviour. Is there any way to revert it to NTLight behaviour?

      Sure is. From "Tips and How to" in the Help file:

      "In NoteTab Pro, double clicking on a word with the mouse selects it
      together with all blank spaces following it. If you only want the
      word selected, just hold down the Alt key while you double click on the word."

      What it doesn't say is that the Alt key press thing toggles between
      the two behaviors and that it's sticky. Notetab remembers you last
      choice, so if you always want the selection to be without the tailing
      space you only have to do this once.

      I've never understood why the default Windows behavior is to select a
      word including the tailing space. I'm sure there is a reason, but I
      fail to see it.

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