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21794Re: [NTB] Cursor and highlighting

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  • loro
    May 13, 2010
      Alec Burgess wrote:
      >I'd never paid much attention to single vs double vs treble clicking.
      >After some testing between 4.95 light, 6.2/fv 6.2 light and 6.2 standard
      >I think the different behavior is attributable to light+standard vs pro.

      Oh yeah. You are right.

      >Also noticed something I never had before - in 6.2 pro - double click at
      >end of word or between two spaces between words (but not just in front
      >of a word) selects the containing group of words (ie delimited by most
      >special characters). I'm not positive but this *might* be the same set
      >that would be spanned by a regex w+.

      I get very funny behavior in 6.1 and maybe inconsistent. When I
      first tried what you describe above on a quoted word I thought it
      selected the last quote and the word but not the first quote. Now it
      all of a sudden selects the space and to EOL??? Maybe this has
      changed during the development of v 6?

      I also discovered something new (for me). If you click just before
      the first OR last quotation mark the word including quotes are selected.

      I go upgrade to 6.2.

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