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21761Re: [NTB] Creating a Find and Replace Script or Macro in ntp

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  • loro
    May 5, 2010
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      mhcycleso wrote:
      >I need to create an easy way to process a ntp file and replace every
      >period with a period hard return and line space. Being a total
      >novice at such things I'm hoping someone can tell me how to do
      >it. The end result that I want is each sentence on a separate line
      >with a line space in between the lines.

      You can also do it without regex.

      In the Find box: ". " (that's a period followed by a space typed with
      the keyboard)
      In the Replace box: ".^p^p"

      The above should be w/o the quotes and assumes your period are
      followed by a space. Hit F1 when you have the Replace dialogue open
      and you'll get the explanation for ^p and some other useful info.

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