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21683RE: [NTB] Re: Use NotePro.ini on D drive in Win7

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  • John Shotsky
    Mar 28, 2010
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      I start NTP more often by double clicking on a text or ini file than by
      using its icon. If the icon isn't used, those switches would be ignored,
      wouldn't they?



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      Shapp <ras45@...> wrote:
      > Please tell me where the saved NotePro.ini file needs to go for
      > NTPro to use it.

      If you just want to determine the default location, you can open a console
      window and enter:

      echo %appdata%

      The default data folder is within that location, for Pro it is the
      subdirectory, "NoteTab Pro".

      Or you can specify where you want NoteTab to read and store user data, with
      command line switches on the Windows shortcut you use to start NoteTab.

      Personally I like Light to use the same folder as Pro. On my XP shortcut for
      Light I have:

      /USER="C:\Documents and Settings\Sheri\Application Data\NoteTab Pro"

      That causes it to use "notelight.ini" in the NoteTab Pro data folder. It
      ends up using the same libraries, etc. as my Pro installation.


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