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21656Some questions about transfering settings to a clean install.

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  • jacobian_determinant
    Mar 3, 2010
      Greetings, group. Tonight I upgraded my NoteTab from version 5.5 to version 6.2. Instead of installing on top of the existing installation, I chose to do a "clean" install, to get rid of any old (and possibly conflicting) leftover files. I backed-up (to a separate drive) the program and the App-data folders:


      I then deleted everything from those folders and did a clean install.

      I'm now in process of copying-over settings from backups to the new install, and I have some questions. I'd be grateful if someone could throw some light on the following:

      1. Has the format of NoteTab.ini changed at all? It looks sort-of the same, but my old ini file is MUCH LARGER than the new one, having collected a lot of settings over the years. Is it safe to just replace the new ini with the old? Or should I just selectively copy stuff from old to new?

      2. I notice some differences in NoteTab.fpr (apparently a "document properties history" file). In my old file, most of the entries end in "=0;1", but in the new file, the entries end in "=64;1". What's up with that? What do those numbers mean, anyway? And is it safe to replace the new fpr file with the old one?

      3. I noticed that when I tried to do spell-checking, I get "You have no dictionaries! Would you like to add a dictionary?" I checked and sure enough, my "Dictionaries" folder was empty. What's up with that? I got spell checking to work again by copying my old dictionaries back to the Dictionaries folder. Were those not part of the standard package or something?

      Everything else I could figure out easily, but those three are puzzling me.

      Robbie Hatley
      lonewolf at well dot com
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