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21562Re: [NTB] Case Sensitivity Default in Replace Dialog NTP6.12

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 2, 2010
      The settings are triggered no matter how you searched last -- manual or

      I find that using clips also sets the options to things I don't want,
      like whole word, messing up my next manual search if I am not careful.

      The worst one is regex because you cannot toggle it as it does not
      update the term being searched for as you toggle it, instead it you need
      to toggle, close and open to get a highlighted term properly formatted
      (for regex or not for regex as the case may be).

      I realize this is the basic list and clips are generally not the topic
      in here, but I think that this could be what is causing the poster to
      think to set it -- then you run a clip that sets other settings -- then
      you come back to a manual search swearing you set it differently. Is
      that possible Ray?


      p.s. I wonder if I should run a dummy search to reset search dialog
      settings at the end of every clip?

      loro wrote:
      > Ray wrote:
      >> How to change the default to no case sensitivity when I open the Find and
      >> Replace dialog?
      > Just do a search with the box unchecked. It opens with the same
      > options checked as last time it was used.
      > Lotta
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