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21558Re: [NTB] Find & Replace All within selected text? - follow up question

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 1, 2010
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      H is automatic Bruce in the find boxes if something is selected.

      They are talking about clips where you put characters after the find to
      set options Bruce.

      Bruce Meyers wrote:
      > I followed this brief discussion and I have a couple of questions.
      > Where do you put the "H"? The discussion said put the "S" in your
      > "options", then it was corrected to put "H" in the options instead.
      > I do not find the word "options" on the search/replace dialog box, so
      > I am not sure where to put that "H"
      > Can you give me a short example. Say you want to find "John" and
      > replace it with "Jon" in two paragraphs of text in a longer file. I can
      > highlight the proper paragraphs, but I do not know where and in
      > exactly what form I should put the "H". An example would help me
      > understand what to do.
      > Thanks,
      > Bruce Meyers
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