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21552Re: [NTB] loops

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  • Don Daugherty
    Dec 31, 2009
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      Dave wrote:
      > Hi
      > what happens if you run two clips that loop around would they interfere with
      > one another or does notetab run it's loops in two separate blocks of memory.
      Not clear what you have in mind. You can't run two clips at the same
      time unless they are running in independent instances of NoteTab.
      You can have Clip-1 containing Loop-1 running and within that loop there
      can be a line ^!Clip Clip-2. As this line is encountered, Clip-2
      begins, perhaps containing a Loop-2. When Loop-2 finishes and Clip-2
      finishes, NoteTab resumes execution of Loop-1 at the line following
      ^!Clip Clip-2.
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