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21507Re: [NTB] Why does the word wrap disappear when I copy and paste from Pro but not Lite?

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  • loro
    Dec 2, 2009
      Hi Stuart,

      >I used NoteTab light for a year and just bought the Pro version. I
      >use it primarily to write emails & articles. The only problem I face
      >with Pro is that I can set the word wrap to 55 characters okay, but
      >when I copy it across to my email, the word wrap goes to the width
      >of the window instead. This doesn't happen with the Lite version.
      >What do I need to do maintain the wrap I set?

      Ctrl+A Shift+Ctrl+J. See the Modify menu -> Lines -> Split Lines. You
      can have a button for it on the toolbar. I'm not sure if it's showing
      with the factory settings, but I think so. It has a little brother
      called Join Lines too.

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