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21505Annoying results of stray characters

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  • bruce.somers@web.de
    Nov 29, 2009
      What can I have done?

      I usually have 10 to 15 files open when I have invoked NoteTab.

      This evening, through some unintended typed character or some unintended click of the mouse, I was suddenly left with only one open but empty file, none01.txt . How can that happen? Such an action should not be possible. I certainly didn't type Shift+Ctrl+F4 . And even that should lead to a request for confirmation.

      In addition, the list displayed with File>Reopen contained only a few of the previously open files.

      I would prefer to have NoteTab execute my commands and not work on its own.

      I shouldn't have to maintain a list of open files. NoteTab has until now done that for me reliably.

      Is there some simple explanation for this peculiar behavior?

      And today, I once again suddenly found all accented characters in a file replaced by HTML-entities, ie. é in place of Ă©.

      Typing a single stray character should not cause such nonsense.