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21421Re: [NTB] Temporary Files Folder For NoteTab Light?

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  • Jé Maverick
    Oct 23, 2009
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Alec Burgess <buralex@...> wrote:
      > loro (tabbie@...) wrote (in part) (on 2009-10-23 at 02:06):
      > > J. wrote:
      > > >Thanks, Lotta. Unfortunately, when I did the search I only came up
      > > >with the .bak files. I need the ones with the ~efo suffix I think,
      > > >which have not showed up on my system. I'm not sure what to do next.
      > > >The crash has been instant each time, but there doesn't seem to be a
      > > >fingerprint at all left on the hard drive. Any help would be great.
      > >
      > > The ~efo files are supposed to self-delete when Notetab is closed,
      > > but sometimes they linger anyway. So alas it is as it should be if
      > > you don't have any. I wouldn't think Notetab would do any cleanup
      > > during a crash though, so I'd expect to find some ~efos if they were
      > > created after the last start of Notetab,
      > Jé:
      > I think (pls correct me if I'm wrong) that ~efo files are only created
      > when needed - ie. when opening an open "dirty" file (one not saved to
      > disk since last change made to it) with [View in browser]. So after a
      > crash I'd only expect to find an ~efo if the file had been viewed during
      > that session. If your primary use of notetab is editing HTML files and
      > checking what they look like in your browser then you'd have more of
      > them hanging around.
      > Going forward ... you could set backup type to incremental and auto-save
      > every 'n' minutes to have higher probability of having a recoverable
      > version after problems but then you'd want to clean out the no longer
      > required old backups every so often.
      > Note if using Everything http://www.voidtools.com/ these can be cleared
      > almost instantly by searching for "~ [ ]" (w/o quotes) which finds all
      > files containing all of tilda and right and left square brackets. (eg.
      > ~NoName02[001].txt)
      > --
      > Regards ... Alec (buralex@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burgess@skype)
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

      Oh, I wasn't sure about the creating of the files for opening in a web browser, but that would explain why the ~efo files are not being created. I'll have to check that out for a definitive answer. Incremental backup is "as you go", no?
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