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21414Re: [NTB] Temporary Files Folder For NoteTab Light?

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    Oct 22, 2009
      Jé Maverick wrote:
      >I am running NoteTab Light version 5.7b. I am searching for the
      >temporary files that NoteTab Light produces. My computer has crashed
      >a couple of times while I have been working on open, unsaved
      >documents. I know that it is good practice to back-up often, and I
      >usually do, but the safeguard of the temporary file helped me in
      >previous versions. I am operating on Vista and have even gone to
      >the Temp folder while I have unsaved files, looking for Notetab temp
      >files, but none are being produced. I really need to get to the temp
      >files if they still exist. Could you please help me?

      Both the backup files that you get when you Save (if you use that
      option) and temp files that are created when you view unsaved
      documents in a browser are saved together with the original document.
      If you search disk for "efo~*.*;*.bak", you'll find all of them.

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