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21386Re: Command line to open outline heading

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  • orkgandalf
    Oct 9, 2009
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, loro <tabbie@...> wrote:
      > orkgandalf wrote:
      > >I'm investigating the possibility to use a command line to open
      > >Notetab std, one specific otl file, one specific heading -- all in
      > >one unique command line.
      > >So far I only learned how to open one specific file.
      > >Let me know if you have ever seen someone trying to do this.
      > Is it always the same OTL topics you want to open? The way I do it is
      > a two step rocket and involves a clip and the clip must contain the
      > filename of the OTL and the heading you want to focus, so no good if
      > you want to do this on a whim, so to speak.
      > I have a library called OpenDocs. In that I have a number of clips
      > that go something like this.
      > ------------------
      > h="ReadMe.otl - mathematics"
      > ^!Open ^$GetAppPath$ReadMe.otl
      > ^!SetTopicIndex 8
      > --------------------
      > Then I run the clip from the command line.
      > "C:\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /L="OpenDocs:ReadMe.otl - mathematics"
      > Lotta

      Thanks Lotta, you're right and almost resolved my problem. In fact, I think we're almost there. Yes, the heading to open is always the same. Is that i have all my journal in one single otl file and, sometimes I need to quickly get to one of the headings thru my Executor, the launcher program I use. That helps me to remember where I want to go to.

      I did a couple of tests with your hint and thought I could get the index of the heading by using the ^$GetTopicIndex command. And it is almost working. It works for headings without spaces, ie, "20091010---" but the problem is that it's not working for headings with spaces like "[Hilux] Fuel".

      I tried the following commands but it positions the file in the very first heading. It's not going to the one I want.

      ^!Open d:\00\documents\docs\notes\Journal.otl
      ^!SetTopicIndex ^$GetTopicIndex([Hilux] Fuel)$

      I also tried to put the heading name with double quotes, no success.

      ^!SetTopicIndex ^$GetTopicIndex("[Hilux] Fuel")$

      Let me know if you can see something wrong here.


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