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21366RE: [NTB] Version problems

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  • John Shotsky
    Sep 5, 2009
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      Thanks, Art, I use the caret a lot. My clip library runs over 10,000 lines, with comments, and I suspect it is too much
      of a job to add this comment prefix to all the requisite lines. This is really unfortunate, since my users use pro,
      standard and light.

      I hope that, in a future version, this behavior can be eradicated, so that the versions all do handle clips identically.
      In the meantime, I'll advise my users to use NTPro to prevent erroneous behavior.

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      Subject: Re: [NTB] Version problems

      Also (from the RegEx help Intro):

      Note to clippers: By design, NoteTab Pro (but not NoteTab Standard or
      NoteTab Light) adjusts the selection for regex clip ^!Find and ^!Replace
      commands before acting on highlighted text if the pattern begins with a ^
      and the existing selection does not begin at the start of a line. To
      prevent this behavior, when using regex on selected text, do not begin the
      pattern with a ^. If, for example, you prefix the caret with (?#comment),
      NoteTab Pro will permit the possibility of matching at the beginning of the
      existing selection and will not redefine the selection itself.


      At 09-04-2009 08:35, you wrote:
      >John Shotsky wrote:
      > > I've discovered that the clips I write using NTP 6.12 do not fully
      > function in the Light and Standard version. I was
      > > able to reproduce the problem by installing the free version, then
      > running my own clip library. Is this a known
      > > situation, or a bug? The problem is really minor, but it was my
      > understanding that they used the same regex engine, and
      > > would run the clips identically.
      > >
      > > I wasn't sure which group to post this in, since it seems to be a clip
      > issue but may be something else.
      > > Thanks!
      > > John
      >Pro uses a different input control than Std/Light. Minor differences
      >have come up in the past. E.g., as I recall, the result of ^$GetLine$
      >was slightly different. In that case, using ^!Select EOL followed by
      >^$GetSelection$ instead allowed clips to be compatible.


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