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21361RE: [NTB] Notetab and Newbies

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  • AL Guevara
    Sep 3, 2009
      You must have the Trial of Pro version, not the freeware version.

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      From: jdminstrelgypsy <jdminstrelgypsy@...>
      To: notetab@yahoogroups.com
      Received: 9/3/2009 11:26:20 AM
      Subject: [NTB] Notetab and Newbies

      >Hello everybody! I am a newcomer to this program (Notetab). I am a dyi computer
      >dude . . . I've been using computers for about 15 years. But I don't know what I
      >know and more importantly . . what I don't know! My Dad always use to say that
      >the quickest way to learn something new was to first admit you don't know how to
      >do it! Well I don't know alot about 'Notetab' . . . however I am trying with all my
      >heart to develop a website for my music. I bought a great book from
      >www.sitepoint.com and the learning curve is happening! However I can tell that I am
      >going to definitely need advise and direction from others who have gone before
      >So here is my first question . . .a non-technical question I think only fookes can
      >probably answer but maybe someone out there has asked the same! Ques: Why is
      >it that if Notetab light is a free ware product . . . it keeps telling me I have 'so many'
      >days left to use it?? Do I have to purchase the Standard version or the Pro version?
      > Or can I just keep using the 'freeware'???
      >Your thoughts please!
      >Sincerely, Johnny!

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