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21355RE: [NTB] Performance issues with large files

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  • Art Kocsis
    Aug 27, 2009
      Undo after save is a NTB option.

      View | Options | Files | Undo After Save (uncheck box)

      768 MB of RAM is quite small. Open Task manager (Control - Alt -Delete),
      the Performance tab and monitor the swap file while you are editing your
      text file.

      For optimal swap file performance, your swap file should be:
      1) On a separate physical disk drive from your editing files
      2) Fixed size (Min = Max, You should set yours to 1.5 to 2GB)
      Start | Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance (Settings) |
      Advanced | Virtual Memory (Change) | Custom Size
      3) Contiguous. Direct your swap file to your target disk AFTER you have
      completely defragged the target disk (using most optimal setting)

      If any of your editing involves clips, use

      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off

      Updating the monitor is VERY time consuming compared to the actual editing.
      That includes just scrolling down to the next edit item. And is seriously
      by your video card and driver. You don't need a game card but a cheap
      video card with half a GB of video RAM could easily be 10 times faster than an
      integrated motherboard chip.

      Good luck, Art

      At 08-17-2009 17:07, you wrote:
      >Now that you mention it, I too have occasional slowdowns, which I long ago
      >tracked down to needing to save more often.
      >However, just clicking the save button is not enough, because you can
      >STILL undo after that. You have to save, close and
      >reopen in order to clear it completely in some cases. It may be that in my
      >case I'm working with unsaved files to start
      >with - I use a lot of unnamed files for my work, as 'workspaces'. I undo
      >and redo constantly to see what the clips have
      >done and when. Eventually, I have to close them and open new documents.
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      >Could it be because it's caching data for the 'undo' function? Maybe a
      >frequent save would help? Just guessing . . .


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