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21331RE: [NTB] Performance issues with large files

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  • John Shotsky
    Aug 17, 2009
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      Try copying the document to the clipboard, and paste it into a new document, save the new document, and see if it also
      has this problem. This often clears unnoticed characters that might be causing a problem.

      Your RAM memory is pretty small, which could easily lead to the computer using its swap file. Swap files can become
      fragmented, just like hard drives. Try deleting your swap file, reboot, then create a new one, using at least the
      recommended size. Set the minimum size and the maximum size the same - large. That way, Windows isn't busy resizing the
      swap file. Also, try placing your swap file on a drive that is different than your work drive, so it doesn't have to
      reseek to swap. Upgrading the RAM would be highly recommended, 1G minimum, 2G better (assuming XP).

      If you're using Vista, there can be other issues.

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      Interviewed by CNN on 17/8/2009 21:07, John Shotsky told the world:
      > Now that you mention it, I too have occasional slowdowns, which I long ago tracked down to needing to save more often.
      > However, just clicking the save button is not enough, because you can STILL undo after that. You have to save, close
      > reopen in order to clear it completely in some cases. It may be that in my case I'm working with unsaved files to
      > with - I use a lot of unnamed files for my work, as 'workspaces'. I undo and redo constantly to see what the clips
      > done and when. Eventually, I have to close them and open new documents.
      No, it can't be the undo cache. I have just tested it: I closed NoteTab,
      reopened it, opened a 700kb file I haven't been editing in a long time,
      jumped to the end of the file and... there it is, slow again. As I
      mentioned, it seems to have something to do with updating the screen,
      and it has to be far from the beginning of the file.


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